Street Hunter

The casual cargo pant goes boldly body-conscious, newly focused along sleek lines, with all the requisite pockets, skinny legs and worn, washed, lightly distressed finish that makes it a weekend classic.
Material: Cotton
Color: Grey
nwaist 60-76cm
nlength 91cm
nhip 99cm [fits Size S-M]

60s Shift Dress

The dress fashion trend most likely to win over every age group is the 60s shift dress, so simple and elegant. MustHaveOne for this season!!
Color: Brown
Material: Thick Cotton
nLength 81cm
nWaist 60-76 cm
nStretchable Waistline [fits Size S-small L]
nBelt is not included

The New Fashion Icon

#3593 now selling @ RM38
n Michelle Obama has shown a clear eye for the newest of fashion colours. Take for example her choice of dress and coat for the Presidential Inauguration Ceremony on 21 January 2009. Mrs Obama's lemongrass wool coat and dress of wool guipure lace, reflected yellow hues in the play of light on the wool guipure raised surface.The true colour of her coat is hotly debated amongst the fashionistas, because in some images the colour looks citron green and in others lemon yellow. In yet different photographs (there were plenty) the tone appears an almost creamy yellow. The respected Isabel Toledo confirmed the colour was lemongrass. And everyone who has bought a stick of lemongrass or a lemon fruit, knows that colour shading well.

n Super lemon and citron are two of Pantones' hip fashion colour predictions for Spring 2009. Clearly this is a First Lady with her eye on the fashion ball, and it marked-out Mrs Obama as a confident fashion dresser, fully aware that texture in dress is very in vogue.

#3415 now selling @ RM28

#19321 now selling @ RM40

#L8091 now selling @ RM15

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Animal Prints Trend

n Animal Print accessories have a knack of going with numerous outfits, and leopard print in particular looks terrific with black or camel clothing. Zebra zig-zag stripes are smart with strong bright colours as well as teaming zebra print with the more obvious black.
Y#19140 now selling @ RM35
Ymeasurement: 42cm x 36cm x 13cm
n The leopard print blends with no end of outfits, in just the same way that a tan handbag is versatile. Leopard print is a fashion trend that wafts in and out of fashion with regularity.
n Leopard is now a classic print, so classic that Dolce and Gabbana and Prada both have Animalier accessories.
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